Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Various Collections of Diamond Pendants With Great Style

No dressing for women is complete till the time she has adorned her neck. Jindal Diamonds Eternia Collection is of Diamond necklaces Delhi and pendants Delhi. Eternia is also synonymous with the desire for the finer things in life with emotional intensity and sensitivity. The collection Eternia from Jindal Jeweler personifies this spirit. We guide you step by step about diamond pendents.

Pendants are available in various shapes and sizes. The different use of precious materials renders a pendant into an enchanting piece. Remember your preferred style - pendants can be fun and different or elegant and sophisticated. Consider also the pieces you already own, and if you would like something different.
Pendant come in various shapes and can be broadly classified as follows:

solitaire pendant - a staple in the jewellery wardrobe of most women. It usually showcases a single an oval, round brilliant, or pear cut diamond which can be as heavy as 4 carats.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Three-stone diamond pendant – with three diamond stones arranged vertically or in a pyramid form with two base stones and one top-stone , usually round brilliant cut diamonds.

Three Stone Diamond Pendant

Heart diamond pendant – a heart shape embedded with a single or several diamonds.
Cross diamond pendants - traditional diamond pendants displaying round brilliant-cut diamonds in a prong setting.

Cross Diamonds Pendant

Letter diamond pendants - in the form of the different letters and numbers studded with diamonds.

Letter Diamond Pendants

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  1. These are amazing!! I generally don't wear diamond pendants on a daily basis, but I think I'd HAVE to wear these non-stop. Can't wait to look at pendants other designs.