Friday, 11 January 2013


King Louis XV termed ‘platinum’ as the only jewelry fit for Royalty. He said so because Platinum is one of the rarest metals to be found on the Earth’s crust, so much so that only 133 tons of Platinum is produced annually world over compared 1782 tons of Gold, all the platinum ever produced can fit in to a normal size living room.
Platinum Ring

Platinum may seem a relatively new metal but it is legendary, though first discovered by the Europeans in 15th century in Ecuador, south America it is now known to be a prized metal by Egyptians and The Incas. The use of platinum has been dated back to 700 B.C, in the casket of Thebes. It got its name from the Spanish Conquistadors, for whom this metal was a nuisance in the search of gold and found it similar to silver, hence Platina, the Spanish for little silver.

Platinum Ear Rings

Platinum due to its rarity makes for an excellent jewelry material, its amazing luster and longevity and the fact that it is rare makes it a sought after material in the jewelry for the rich and elite. Platinum is used almost exclusively in timeless classic jewelry pieces of legendary jewelers like Tiffany’s, Faberge and Cartier.
In India, platinum as a jewelry is fast gaining popularity. Many platinum jewelry showrooms in India are coming up to cater to the demand of this everlasting, classic jewelry. When buying platinum from a platinum jewellery showroom in India, you need to keep in mind the purity of the platinum you are purchasing. 

Platinum Bangles

Platinum purity is measured by a system called ‘Millesimal Fineness’, the hallmark purity level for platinum are 999 or 99.9%, 995 or 99.5%-which used for buying bullion, and 950 or 95%-the most common purity for jewelry. Platinum is classic, lustrous and elite, you can easily buy one from a platinum jewelry showroom in India.


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