Saturday, 19 January 2013


                                         “A Diamond is forever”
                                                                                             -NW Agency             
A Diamond is forever, everlasting, indestructible. A diamond is solid, strong, a symbol of love, of a never ending relationship, and of beauty. Diamond is considered the modern day symbol of love; it has been very popularly used for engagement and wedding rings as a token of love. The word Diamond originated from the Greek word adamas which means proper, unalterable, unbreakable and untamed.

Love is so well symbolized by a diamond; love like a diamond is true, pure, sacred, and beautiful. Love creates a bond that is everlasting, untamed, unbreakable, and strong. Love gives us the person in search of whom we have always been, love brings two hearts together, it heals, it exalts. An event that truly celebrates love is the Valentine’s Day; this day is earmarked for the celebration of eternal, unconditional and forever love. It is a day when you make your soul mate, the winner of your heart special, precious and like a queen. You will want to show her how much it is that you love her, care for her and want her. A diamond could be the key to unlocking her heart, let you create your own space there. The Valentine’s Day is the apt occasion for confessing your love to her or if she has been upset with you than win her over through gifting a diamond ring, pendant, necklace or earring.

Your love for your partner of life is all that a diamond has come to signify and therefore it is very necessary that you must seal her into your heart through a means that is meant for such a task- a Diamond. Gift her diamond ring or a necklace or an earring to make her “Vena Amoris” (vein of love) forever your, but before you run off to the jewelry showroom next door, you must carefully observe her choices what does she like to wear- an earring, pendant, bracelet or a ring or some other design? Does she prefer gold, silver or platinum? Decide on the cut, shape and the size of the diamond piece depending upon your budget. After understanding her taste and determining your budget, have the most exclusive, and romantic piece made for her that will leave her breathless, enchanted and in love with you. You will have her in your arms in an instant; she will appreciate your love and passion for her and forever be yours.