Sunday, 13 January 2013

Men’s diamond ear studs: A classic accessory for the contemporary man

Men’s ear jewellery can serve the purpose of self expression, ornamentation and visual impact. In the traditional societies, men have been known to pierce their ears since long. Earlier it was a way to attract women, to identify with them. It could also symbolize openness of a man to other's opinions.

Most men pierce one ear lobe in the classical style to wear jewellery. This is perfect to wear a diamond stud. The diamond stud can be simple and the size depends on the person wearing it.  Whereas its setting can be from plain mounts to very elaborate. Usually the colour of the diamond chosen for the stud is clear. It is recommended to choose a better quality diamond as the sparkle and the fine of the diamond will make the stud look special.

One needs to take good care of a diamond stud. The piece needs cleaning from time to time with mild cleaning solution and soft cloth. Stud also needs to be safely kept when not borne so as not to lose it. The diamond ear stud is a perfect accessory for men belonging to the contemporary times.


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